Suicide bomber kills two Turkish soldiers

Ankara blames attack near Iran border on Kurdish separatist PKK

Lebanon rubbish crisis escalates

What began as a nuisance has turned into a health hazard and public outrage

Assailant stabs Jerusalem gay marchers

Police say attacker recently released after similar crime

Cecil puts game hunting in crosshairs

Up to 6,000 lions bred in southern Africa so they can be shot

Oil pipeline blown up in south Turkey

Ankara blames attack on terrorists as unrest increases

Fate of former dictator Gaddafi’s family

Surviving members include his widow who sought sanctuary in Oman

Gaddafi’s son sentenced to death in Libya

Seif al-Islam found guilty in absentia over war crimes

Syrian rebels wary over Turkey’s plans

Ankara dubbed ‘boy who cried wolf’ over pledges to tackle jihadis

Erdogan lines up fight on three fronts

Strikes against Isis and Kurds could augur election battle

Turkey calls Nato meeting over violence

Air strikes launched against PKK

Saudi announces 5-day Yemen ceasefire

Pause in fighting to allow aid to flow into war-torn state

Turkey air strikes target Isis and PKK

Foreign minister says aim is ‘Isis-free’ buffer zone

Comics and cartoons flourish in Middle East

The appetite for satire and mockery is strong in the region

Turkey piles into battle against Isis

Ankara launches strikes, toughens security and permits US raids

Turkey to allow US anti-Isis strikes

Ankara troops clash with militants in Syria

Defeat Isis to balance Iran nuclear deal

US should now develop a serious strategy to defeat the terror group

Isis bombing poses dilemma for Turkey

Isis attack on Kurdish centre exposes country’s party faultlines as government ponders response

Money can buy Iran’s restraint in the Gulf

Region’s wealth could tempt the nation to pull in its horns

Hammond warns of Russian agility in crises

Foreign secretary says need to secure public assent slows western response

Houthi forces battle to retake Aden

Ousted president had earlier claimed victory over rebel fighters