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Moscow snubs US call to halt Aleppo raids

Western powers accuse Russia of being an accomplice to war crimes

Shimon Peres, Israeli leader, 1923-2016

The two-time prime minister and Nobel peace laureate remained vocal on issues of regional peace

Israel’s Shimon Peres dies aged 93

Former leader’s career spanned and shaped his country’s history

Russia aims to turn Aleppo into Grozny

A broken ceasefire in Syria benefits the jihadis

Ayatollah blocks Ahmadi-Nejad’s plans

Supreme leader says former president should not run again

Russia’s Syria strategy bewilders west

Syria’s torment overshadowed in exchanges of accusation and denial

UN and Jordan near deal on Syrian refugees

More than 75,000 in dire conditions at remote desert border area

After the ceasefire: Voices from Aleppo

Since the ceasefire collapsed, opposition districts in Aleppo have suffered a fearsome bombing campaign

We are all Stalinists on Syria

Western politicians must try to frame policy that takes account of oscillations in public sentiment

Russia accused of supporting ‘barbarism’

US and European ambassadors walk out of emergency UN meeting

Jordan presses Israel for concessions

Amman seek to mitigate backlash against Leviathan deal

Jordanian satirist murdered in front of court

Nahed Hattar faced charges of offending Muslims

West slams Russian actions in Syria

Foreign ministers accuse Moscow of violating faltering ceasefire

Drive to take Mosul from Isis to begin ‘in weeks’

Iraqi, Kurdish and Shia-led forces ready to begin ground campaign

Kerry’s search for Syria peace tested

Secretary of state open to charge he has been played by Kremlin

Assad forces unleash new assault on Aleppo

Bid to retake rebel-held areas as efforts to salvage ceasefire fail

US admits to impasse over Syria fighting

Pessimism comes as Damascus announces new Aleppo offensive

Zebari vote puts Iraq economy at risk

Supporters say finance minister’s removal could delay IMF loans

Kerry urges one final chance for Syria truce

Call for Russia and Assad to ground aircraft after aid convoy strike

Jordan’s Islamists expect parliament gains

Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm set to win about 20 seats