Think Lebanon not D-Day in Isis campaign

Insurgents can take comfort in the divisions plaguing its enemies

Israel denounces protesting reservists

Group refuses to spy on Palestinians

Doubts raised on US use of Somali strategy

Regional experts sceptical that policy can work in Iraq and Syria

Isis in Syria braces for western attack

Islamist extremists shifting their forces, say Syrian activists

Cautious Iraqi welcome for US intervention

Sunnis and Shias warn air strikes can only operate in certain areas

Obama prepares for fresh military action

US president sets out case on why Isis must be defeated

Mistrust follows rush to form Iraq cabinet

Semi-autonomous Kurdistan region has already threatened to withdraw

Isis threat to crucial dam contained

US widens air strikes in first direct support of Baghdad

Saudi Arabia cuts October crude prices

Opec’s largest producer unlikely to curb production

Isis sets its sights on Lebanon

Disgruntled Sunnis could provide group with foothold

Egypt swelters in nationwide power cut

Problem that damaged Morsi now returns for Sisi

Turkey at growing risk from Isis backlash

Proximity, hostages and recruitment the factors threatening Nato member

Israel alert as Islamists approach Golan

Jabhat al-Nusra seizes Syria’s sole border crossing

Cameron cautions on unilateral action

PM says Nato would co-operate with local partners on Mideast and Ukraine

Turkey stifles supplies to Isis at border

Tighter controls cut visibility of flow of smuggled goods and jihadis

Israel to supply natural gas to Jordan

Deal worth up to $15bn follows long, politically fraught talks

Obama promises to end Isis threat

President says US will hunt down killers of murdered journalists

US confirms killing of US journalist

UK ministers meet after Isis threatens British hostage

Saudi arrests 88 over ‘imminent attack’

Concerns in Riyadh rise over threat from Sunni jihadis

Cameron terror powers said to breach law

Proposals described as ill-defined and ‘sabre-rattling’