Iraq violence stirs Iranian war memories

Sunni insurgency against Tehran’s Shia allies raises fears

Nowhere to hide for Gaza residents

Palestinian civilians report ‘no safe route’ out of danger areas

Israelis resolute under missile shield

Lack of pressure on political leaders to end deadly conflict

Militia adds to Libya’s political turmoil

LROR group is part Islamist militia, part criminal gang

Iran nuclear talks are extended

Move comes as ‘significant gaps’ remain on some core issues

Israel begins Gaza ground offensive

Forces told to hit Hamas tunnels, but action could expand

Tripoli warns militias over airport fight

Government says it will hold groups criminally responsible

Biggest bank heist that ‘never happened’

Iraq bankers deny Isis $400m Mosul robbery

Palestinians need a state of their own

Israel cannot remain oasis of peace in a region on fire

Isis and Assad push rebels near to collapse

Disparate units see merger as last chance to survive

Rise of Isis shakes Arab world

Surge of al-Qaeda’s offshoot leaves society questioning itself

Iraq’s Salim al-Jibouri appointed speaker

Kerry warns of ‘real gaps’ in Iran talks

Statement comes amid looming deadline in nuclear negotiations

Iraqi Kurdish independence still a dream

Erbil looking to Turkey for support with oil trade

Iraq’s parliament abandons key session

US and UN calling for quick formation of a government

Iraq trains volunteer force to fight Isis

Many young Shia men are being militarised, analysts say

US offers to help broker Gaza ceasefire

Obama intervention comes as Israel continues rocket bombardment

Iraq forces ill-equipped to face militants

Lack of leadership, poor morale undermine Iraqi military

Death toll rises as Israel strikes continue

No ceasefire efforts evident despite 86 civilian deaths

UAE detains Qataris on spying charges

Arrests threaten to sour already tense relations