Hizbollah and Israeli strikes kill 3

Two Israelis and a UN peacekeeper killed

Jordan offers prisoner swap with Isis

Amman willing to free inmate in return for pilot

BG Egypt November 2007 Idku Gas Hub, Rashpetco

Egypt tries to mend economic credentials

Cairo seeks to phase out energy subsidy and cut budget deficit

Islamist gunmen blast way into Tripoli hotel

Eight victims dead after raid on 5-star Corinthia

Kurds claim victory over Isis in Kobani

Forces claim to have wrested back control of Syrian border city

Protesters killed as Egypt marks 2011 uprising

At least 16 dead as police confront demonstrations

Saudis prize stability above all else

The early appointments made by King Salman represent a delicate balancing act within the family

Saudi Arabia: Isis threat will only grow

The internet, more than bombs, could be the government’s undoing, writes Richard Haass

Egypt party leader warns on repression

Huge obstacles in fielding candidates, claims former Islamist

Thousands of Yemenis stage anti-Houthi protest

President’s resignation has left political vacuum

New Saudi king faces immense challenges

Salman must try to introduce religious reform

Mubarak sons freed before anniversary

Pair released on bail pending retrial on corruption charges after 18 months in detention

Spectre of Isis haunts Middle East debate

Jihadi fears change calculations

Yemen’s president quits amid fresh chaos

Hadi forced to make concessions to Shia Houthi rebels

Oil drop ‘disastrous’ for anti-Isis fight

Hard-up Iraq is offered aid at UK talks to help fight jihadis

Invitation threatens US support for Israel

Netanyahu to address Congress on Iranian nuclear debate

UN envoy sees need for monitors in Libya

Peacekeepers necessary even if a peace deal is reached, says León

Jihadi jailers put Beirut in a bind

How Lebanon let terrorists turn a prison into a command centre

IMF urges Gulf states to reduce spending

Gulf Co-operation Council states to lose $300bn in oil revenue this year

Tehran threatens Israel with retaliation

Fears of escalation after strike kills senior Iranian commander