Isis advances in Syria despite air raids

Jihadis close in on Kurdish enclave near border with Turkey

Iraq’s sectarian war rages unabated

Decade-old cycle of violence between Sunni and Shia continues

FBI claims to have identified Jihadi John

Isis militant is responsible for death of journalists and aid worker

US seeks Egypt’s help to counter Isis

Rise of militants pushes US back towards traditional Arab allies

Assad seeks to benefit from air strikes

Syria keen to claim west has joined fight against rebellion

Rouhani charm wasted on Iran’s hardliners

Opponents fear success in nuclear talks could reduce their sway

US strikes at Isis oil sites in Syria

Washington tries to choke off Isis financing by hitting oil facilities

Battle begins for Gulf hearts and minds

Fears that air strikes on Isis could provoke backlash

Turkey to back anti-Isis campaign

Erdogan vows support for operation but questions remain

Isis and the aunts from Karamlish

As we cheer the protection of Middle East minorities, we often lose sight of the majority

Jordan clears Abu Qatada of terror charge

British officials say radical cleric cannot return to UK

Obama faces battle on legality of strikes

Syria action could prompt awkward questions including from Russia

US and allies strike at Isis

Bombing raids launched against militants in Syria

Syrian rebels dismayed by US air strikes

Concerns raised over targeting of non-Isis groups

Coalition allies have different targets

Cracks may widen over tackling jihadis in Iraq and Syria

US needs precision politics against Isis

Rebels seize home of Yemeni general

Syrians flood into Turkey as Isis advances

About 130,000 Syrians enter Turkey in three days

Libyan Islamists push hardline agenda

Three years after Gaddafi was overthrown the country is in chaos

Turkey opens border to 60,000 Syrian Kurds

Country also secures release of 49 hostages captured in Iraq