Iran offers flexible oil contracts

Tehran seeks to make sector attractive to foreign investors

Foreigners ensnared by debts fall foul of strict criminal code

Bouncing cheques and unpaid loans can lead to serious legal problems

Case for action on Syria merits support

Britain cannot stay on the sidelines of the campaign against Isis

France signals softer stance on Assad

Foreign minister sees Syrian regime joining forces against Isis

Putin and Erdogan test each other’s resolve

Two popular nationalists who thrive on confrontation

Prisoners’ mothers in Saudi Arabia appeal

Local reports say dozens of ‘terrorists’ will soon be executed

Cameron’s cunning plan for bombing Syria

The questions over extending air raids answered in 43 key points

Cameron sets sights on Isis in Syria

PM seeks to expand UK’s role in global coalition

2015/09/09: President of the World Chess Federation FIDE, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov during the press conference in Baku
©Aziz Karimov/Getty Images

US accuses Syria of buying oil from Isis

Treasury also accuses chess federation head of aiding Assad

Isis: Boots on the ground?

Air strikes are unlikely to dislodge Isis in Iraq and Syria, so policymakers are looking at other options

Proxy war in Syria imperils US-led strikes

Mounting tension between Russia and Turkey endangers push to clear Isis from border

Moscow seeks economic redress over jet

Open calls for military action remain conspicuously absent

The mirage of an anti-Isis grand coalition

For a united front to work everyone must agree on a common enemy

Even Isis jihadis love Telegram messaging

For those who prioritise audience reach, the site’s appeal is its simplicity and security

Five killed in blast at Sinai hotel

A judge and four others die in explosion at building housing parliamentary election supervisors

Turkey shoots down Russian fighter jet

Putin warns of ‘serious consequences’ to ‘stab in the back’

We feel Europe’s fear — and need its help

The west has to help tackle the chaos in the Arab world

Abadi tested by reaction to Iraqi reforms

Support fades after MPs and officials feel the pinch from drive to combat graft and economise

A case for rapprochement with Russia

Finding middle ground between Moscow and US may end Syria conflict

West sees hope of Syria deal with Moscow

Optimism nurtured by growing signs of Russia’s co-operation as its military intervention falters