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Assad forces push deeper into eastern Aleppo

Russia says US has proposed a deal for rebels to withdraw from district

Saudi Arabia discussed oil output cut with traders ahead of Opec

Kingdom sought views on likely market reaction should deal fail


Iran upholds oil fraud death sentence

Government fears hanging would protect elite behind Babak Zanjani’s sanctions busting

An accord that spells the beginning of the end for Opec

The cartel cannot enforce this pact . The oil price will probably soon fall back

The power of Russia’s talks with Syrian rebels

Russia is the powerbroker in the Middle East, writes David Gardner

Syrian rebels in talks with Moscow to end fighting

Turkey-facilitated negotiations without US show how Washington could become sidelined

Tens of thousands flee deepening crisis in Aleppo

Reports of growing numbers running from fighting and sleeping in bombed-out buildings

The fall of Aleppo to Assad will only intensify turmoil

While the regime remains in place, it will be a spur to radicalised Sunni insurgents

MAKHMOUR, IRAQ - OCTOBER 30: Doctors Humam Mohammed sees patients at the mobile clinic. At the MSF mobile healthcare facility in Debaga 4, doctors Humam Mohammed and Rasha Khamis, Nurse Sufyan Ahmed, drug dispenser Samir Haso work with IDP's to gain access to primary healthcare once a week. Scenes at MSF facilities at Debaga camp in Debaga outside of Erbil, Iraq. IDP's seek mental as well as primary healthcare from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International. (Photo by Monique Jaques/ For MSF)

‘If we don’t treat them, who else will?’

From Yemen to Syria, Médecins Sans Frontières continues its work — even after attacks

Thousands flee besieged Aleppo as Assad forces advance

Rebels lose a third of their territory as Syria’s second city verges on collapse

Foreign fighters pour into Syria to bolster Assad

Shia from Lebanon, Iraq, Iran and beyond join sectarian conflict

Israel blames ‘arsonist terrorism’ for wildfires

Tens of thousands evacuated from threatened neighbourhoods in Haifa

Iraq suicide truck bomb kills scores of pilgrims

Worst attack on civilians since Baghdad began to drive Isis out of Mosul

Turkey blames Syria attack for death of 3 soldiers

PM says Ankara will retaliate over air strike on troops

Syrian regime challenges Aleppo to football match

‘Goodwill’ initiative falls on deaf ears as local leaders scoff at absurdity

A Middle Eastern battle for Trump’s heart and mind

Sunni states are hoping the president-elect rekindles their love affair with America

Egypt imposes travel bans on human rights activists

Movement says ban part of attempts to silence criticism from civil society groups

Honeymoon is over for new Saudi leader

The kingdom is on the brink of its first non-oil sector recession in three decades

Assad uses ‘surrender or starve’ tactic on rebels

Some 1.25m Syrians in up to 40 sites are said to be under sieges of varying severity

Reform learning to enable Arab democracy

Education enabled Tunisians to stand up against their oppressor