At last, gender is on the agenda

dina iordanova

Dina Iordanova looks for companies with women on their boards

John Lee

Teachings from 50 years of investing

John Lee’s message to those seeking a foolproof method

Nick Louth

Sporting chance of a decent profit

Takeover bid seals 66% profit in a year for Nick Louth

Kevin Goldstein Jackson

Watching new appointments

Kevin Goldstein-Jackson fears a change of personnel in the White House

dina iordanova

Teeing up a new investment

Is there a way to invest in recession-proof golf, asks Dina Iordanova

John Lee

I’m in for the long haul

In my portfolio, holdings are long term and disposals are rare, says John Lee

Mixed fortunes for our foursome

My Portfolio columnists give their updates

Nick Louth

Sometimes you need to break the rules

Buying after a profit warning was the right move, says Nick Louth

Kevin Goldstein Jackson

Warm glow and a cruel blow

Kevin Goldstein-Jackson wishes he’d sold Avocet when he had the chance

dina iordanova

Nurturing and pruning

Dina Iordanova wonders what to do with underperformers

Food for thought at Anpario

John Lee sees strong prospects for the Aim-listed animal feeds company

US set to trump European growth

Nick Louth shifts his focus away from troubled eurozone

Looking on the bright side...

Kevin Goldstein-Jackson finds solace in the shares he didn’t buy

Should I stay or should I go?

What do you do with an investment trading sideways, asks Dina Iordanova

The stage is set for an intriguing battle

Quarto shareholders are voting on two resolutions, says John Lee

Preparing for the worst

Investors should follow a simple rule of thumb, says Nick Louth

Will no one protect my Sipp?

Investors are open to fraud and incompetence, says Kevin Goldstein-Jackson

Disney still has star potential

Film scheme projections leave Dina Iordanova in the dark

Why do investors complicate things?

I focus on profitable, dividend-paying UK small caps, says John Lee

My Portfolio update: timing is everything

Timely selling, and dividend reinvesting, makes a difference