Taking on Google is the Madisonian way

If there is one thing the leaders of our revolution feared, it was the concentration of power

Walter Scott’s life should have mattered

Casual brutality displayed by policeman supports the complaints of many black Americans

The funny thing about American comedy

The rise of foreign comics in the US is evidence of the triumph of the nation’s soft power

Goldman returns to political centre stage

With so many Goldmanistas related to top politicians, the cephalopod is again a big influence

Illustration by Harry Haysom of Starbucks coffee cups
©Harry Haysom

Starbucks aims to brew the right thing

A model for those seeking to create brand ‘narrative’ in this brave new media world

Why Clinton’s cyber life is an issue

Folk go to the web to do bad things, like in Vegas, except what happens online does not stay there

Professional Surfer Wyatt Barrabee Surfing California

California is too far out for politics

As last year’s congressional elections demonstrated, national politics is for pig farmers

A case for raising student borrowing age

We should take an equity position and treat the young like Buffett handles his investments

The dream worlds of the rich and famous

The public has watched prominent US and French citizens struggle to maintain a grip on reality

A spoonful of sugar is a sweet investment

Buffett’s greatness has been defined by his acceptance of the world as he has found it

Koch cash is bad for the rightwing

Billionaire meddlers are turning the natural order of US political life on its head

The film that shows Eastwood’s soft side

‘American Sniper’ is not a call to arms or a sign of a resurgent right but more of a cry of pain

Wasting Dimon’s time is all-American

The slew of regulators making the bank chief miserable would please our founding fathers

Let us not turn our backs on the NYPD

Although there are corrupt, racist and sadistic cops, many more are exceptional people

Why I didn’t download ‘The Interview’

Neither the US president nor a North Korean despot can make me watch a film if I don’t want to

Why conversation is having a very bad time

Right and left are so far apart they no longer bother to disagree and talk about different things

Marijuana becomes a proper yuletide gift

Few consumer goods have ever enjoyed as much free high-quality advertising as pot

An audience at the court of ‘King’ James

On tour in New York the British Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met American ‘royalty’

Wall Street regains its old way with words

The wheelers and dealers of the financial world twist and turn English to their advantage

A nation gives thanks for better beer

These beverage Davids are taking on the Goliaths of their industry and winning


Gary Silverman Gary Silverman is national editor and US deputy managing editor for the Financial Times. In this role, he writes the weekly “Notebook” column on key US political and business issues, and covers current events. He is based in New York. Previously, Silverman served as US News Editor, coordinating the FT’s daily Americas news coverage. He has also been a London-based marketing correspondent for the FT, as well as US banking editor. Prior to joining the FT in 1999, he was the money and banking editor of BusinessWeek, a business writer for Newsday, Hong Kong correspondent with the Far Eastern Economic Review and a Malaysia correspondent for Bloomberg News. Silverman spent a year as a Gannett Foundation Fellow in Asian studies at the University of Hawaii and began his career in journalism with United Press International, covering Congress and working as an editor on the world desk. In 2014, Silverman won the Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW) Best in Business prize for best newspaper commentary. A graduate of Princeton University, Silverman is married with two children.

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