Today’s Republicans run from Reagan

The Grand Old party is now the Great Wall party – defined by what it wants to keep out of the US

Ebola is turning US politics upside down

The man held responsible for every ill is expected to protect America from the virus

Corporate break-ups should make us happy

The lack of common ground and a shared vocabulary breeds frustration on both sides

Obama needs a gangsta to uphold the law

The president can reward his supporters with the brand of justice they craved

The pursuit of lunchtime happiness

London and New York are divided by a common snack

Wall Street confronts people power

Investors are making it clear they no longer think their money managers are all that smart

American football increases in violence

Advertisers wonder whether to associate their goods with the resulting spectacle

Apple’s big day didn’t turn me on

I cannot shake off the idea my life would be the same no matter what device I put in my pocket

Wall Street vice: the vice-chairman

The term is a favourite because it is so euphemistic

Burger King’s way is no longer mine

My beef with such ‘inversion’ manoeuvres is that they can lead to greater burdens on the taxpayers

US race relations: Days of rage

The fatal shooting of Michael Brown has reopened the debate about how the police treat young black men

Ferguson isn’t my first race riot

Racial upheavals have always been part of the fabric of this nation

How Nixon helped me love America

The 37th US president’s fall from power was a civics lesson like no other for people of my age

A cynic’s case for the bankers’ oath

Any oath-taking ceremonies would have a surreal quality

All this talk of Ficc is making me sick

Wall Street’s Masters of the Universe are coming down to Earth, slowly

French bankers make me laugh

Rumours of Manhattan’s decline as global financial centre are premature

I can stomach America’s soccer loss

Football is gaining popularity in the US but is no match for our homegrown obsessions

Climate change is a fashion disaster

The stark reality for the right wing is that a warmer globe will make people disrobe

There is no lift in our new elevators

Manhattan has entered a brave new world of ‘destination dispatch’ lifts but it has lost the romance of vertical travel

Bush and Clinton pass the pork test

Much of today’s campaign-related sizzle is being generated by two old-line political brands


Gary Silverman Gary Silverman is national editor and US deputy managing editor for the Financial Times. In this role, he writes the weekly “Notebook” column on key US political and business issues, and covers current events. He is based in New York. Previously, Silverman served as US News Editor, coordinating the FT’s daily Americas news coverage. He has also been a London-based marketing correspondent for the FT, as well as US banking editor. Prior to joining the FT in 1999, he was the money and banking editor of BusinessWeek, a business writer for Newsday, Hong Kong correspondent with the Far Eastern Economic Review and a Malaysia correspondent for Bloomberg News. Silverman spent a year as a Gannett Foundation Fellow in Asian studies at the University of Hawaii and began his career in journalism with United Press International, covering Congress and working as an editor on the world desk. In 2014, Silverman won the Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW) Best in Business prize for best newspaper commentary. A graduate of Princeton University, Silverman is married with two children.

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