All this talk of Ficc is making me sick

Wall Street’s Masters of the Universe are coming down to Earth, slowly

Central Park and the New York City skyline
©Lisa Blue/Vetta

French bankers make me laugh

Rumours of Manhattan’s decline as global financial centre are premature

I can stomach America’s soccer loss

Football is gaining popularity in the US but is no match for our homegrown obsessions

Climate change is a fashion disaster

The stark reality for the right wing is that a warmer globe will make people disrobe

There is no lift in our new elevators

Manhattan has entered a brave new world of ‘destination dispatch’ lifts but it has lost the romance of vertical travel

Bush and Clinton pass the pork test

Much of today’s campaign-related sizzle is being generated by two old-line political brands

Piketty and the pleasures of Hell

Escape for those who are baffled and pathetic in the digital jungle lies in getting lost in a book

An all-American cheer for populism

The record of our Populists stands as evidence that the term is not – by definition – pejorative

Michael Jackson is good for bonds

There is little that is new or thrilling about either the US music industry or corporate America

You say you want a revolution . . . 

The students are revolting, and this time they have the gizmos to get their message across

A diner’s guide to the death penalty

A gruesome event has drawn attention to an activity we prefer not to acknowledge

US racism hits a high-tech hurdle

Disparaging remarks are internet catnip – utter them and they will spread by hook or by crook

College life ain’t what it used to be

The dream of escaping Loserville and meeting Miss Perfect has been shattered by nerdy needs

Let Flash Boys fix the Lincoln Tunnel

The fast-money folks can make themselves, and those who move at slower speeds, much happier

Why Obamacare is a civil rights issue

There is a racial subtext to the American healthcare debate, writes Gary Silverman

Breasts, buttocks and boomers redux

Our happy plastic surgeons are showing that we don’t get older, we just get better

Washington learns to forget Sandy Hook

The mass shooting has led not to tighter gun controls but to a more assertive gun rights lobby

The furtive folk of global finance

We might at last see the faces of Wall Street’s hidden power players

Tweeting makes Hollywood small

From the splendour of the silver screen to a digital blizzard, Tinseltown has come a long way

The trick of the mistress trade

High finance illustrates that for married men who stray there are two kinds of money


Gary Silverman Gary Silverman has been US deputy managing editor since September 2012 and US news editor since 2006. He is responsible for US news coverage and also writes a weekly “Notebook” column in the FT on US politics, business and current events. Previously, Silverman served as a London-based marketing correspondent for the FT, as well as US banking editor. Prior to joining the FT in 1999, he was the money and banking editor of Businessweek, a business writer for Newsday, Hong Kong correspondent with the Far Eastern Economic Review and a Malaysia correspondent for Bloomberg Business News. He began his career in journalism with United Press International. A graduate of Princeton University, Silverman is married with two children. He is based in New York.

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