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American psyche: Michael Lewis on the triumph of irrational thinking

Michael Lewis catching a plane to New York from San Francisco to commence his book tour. credit Ramak Fazel

The writer talks about how ‘the marketplace for politicians did something as weird as the marketplace for securities’

Steve Bollenbach, hospitality executive, 1942-2016

Astute hotelier who staved off a debt calamity for Trump

Mexican wave plans to turn tide on Trump

Unions mobilise Las Vegas Latinos against Republican candidate

Book cover of 'The Game’s Not Over: In Defense of Football'

‘The Game’s Not Over’, Gregg Easterbrook

A quarterback’s view of a flawed superpower

Politically correct McD’s is on a roll

The burger chain is adjusting to more modern marketing methods

Stop naming good buildings after people

Poke around long enough and you will find most big shots were swindlers or deadbeats

Bono shows love the answer to terrorism

I could have hugged U2’s singer for his words in Paris, just as I could have hugged Bush after 9/11

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Ph: Film Frame ©Lucasfilm 2015

I have never seen ‘Star Wars’

As fate would have it, no one of my acquaintance ever led me to a galaxy far, far away

A parade in the French Quarter of New Orleans during Mardi Gras
©Krista Rossow/Getty Images

Reasons to be cheerful, parts one and two

Small compromises are so rare in the US nowadays that we should be thankful for them

The discreet charm of Wells Fargo

After keeping a low profile during the subprime debacle, the bank has seen its reputation soar

The children of the Obama era are angry

African-American students have erupted in protest over what they see as continuing prejudice

Silicon Valley faces new political issue

The flaring of anti-tech feeling matters because Californian ideas have a way of spreading

Canadians hit at politics of austerity

Trudeau’s clever politics in a year when Canadians grew weary

I will miss the nude women in Playboy

The only thing the new kids on the block offer perusers of porn is more, weirder porn

Yankee way to better work-life balance

A star baseball player’s admission to rehab has set off a timely national conversation

Koenig was the man who put VW on track

In those days it felt strange for a bunch of Jews to own a German car

Trump, Ford and the new abnormal

A politician who slings insults or smokes crack offers the public relief from all the repetition

Why it is wrong to forget Lehman’s fall

For all his oratorical skills, Obama is a lousy communicator when it comes to economic policy

On the waterfront with dumb & dumber

‘Bridgegate’ led investigators to take notice of the ‘chairman’s flight’ to and from South Carolina

Please, Obama, don’t build that library

The president ran for office as a different sort of candidate — he should leave in the same spirit


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