Climate change ignored in US election

Ed Luce column
©Matt Kenyon

People are afraid that doing something about global warming will make them poorer

Trump as Nixon
©Matt Kenyon

Trump’s dark inner Nixon

This is not how you win elections, but it is a great way to leverage your brand

Ed Luce Column

The return of American exceptionalism

Clinton’s rhetoric and worldview are strikingly different to Obama’s

Clinton: the making of a would-be president

White House photographer Robert McNeely on what his photos reveal of the leader Clinton might be

Matt Kenyon illustration, consumers
©Matt Kenyon

The American consumer’s impotent rage

People sense that service providers pay more attention to regulators than to disaffected customers

The fight of Hillary’s life

If she opts for politics as usual against the headline-grabbing Trump, prepare for a tense election

Ailes was GOP’s wizard behind the curtain

Fox News creator fuelled success of many Republican politicians

Matt Kenyon

Trump and the west’s flight from dignity

The most troubling aspect of his rise is how he is licensing society’s darkest instincts

Residents of the Brookside Trailer Park in Sonoma, California, two of the subjects of photographer David Waldorf’s 2015 project ‘Life Inside a Trailer Park’
©David Waldorf

America’s white backlash

Poor whites have long been derided and disenfranchised in their own country — as have their black counterparts. So why can’t they find common ground?

Matt Kenyon illustration
©Matt Kenyon

Dallas’s threat to the 2016 race

The vote for president takes place against the most divided society in a generation

A gift from the UK for US conservatives

Clinton represents the status quo and business as usual, just as the Remainers did in Britain

Going to war with America’s gun lobby

The fact is that almost anyone can walk into a US gun store and buy a killing machine

America’s fears of splendid isolation

There are strong parallels between those backing Leave and Donald Trump’s supporters

Trump v Clinton – the nastiest fight

The contest is already between ‘Crooked Hillary’ and ‘The Fraud’ yet peak ugliness is a way off

The mystery of weak US productivity

Economic output is the ultimate test of our ability to create wealth

The boy who escaped Trump country

‘The Donald’ received his highest share of the vote in Buchanan County, a place of shuttered mines and collapsing property prices. Edward Luce meets some of Trump’s most passionate supporters — and a 22-year-old swimming against the tide

Clinton and the ghost of Nader

The idea of an independent Sanders revives hanging chad memories

Another brick in Trump’s wall

Expectations of a Republican split were always flattering to the party establishment

The end of American meritocracy

Ignored by both Democrats and Republicans, blue-collar whites have fallen into depression

Trump’s war with best and brightest

His confused foreign policy still offers a legitimate contrast to Clinton’s


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