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Trump, Tillerson and the resource curse

Companies no longer need to declare payments to autocratic regimes

Nigeria’s president is missing in action

Muhammadu Buhari’s absence sends the rumour mill spinning

Democracy is good but trade matters too

West African states have long been better at peace and security than integration

Cut-price schooling is better than nothing

African countries struggle to provide adequate education

Dislodging Yahya Jammeh is an African matter

The president’s decision to stay derails democracy in the region

Africa’s democratic dreams flourish

While America has shifted from idealism to cynicism, many Africans are still idealists

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On the road with Médecins Sans Frontières 

A compelling journey, with added flying cockroaches

Lessons from the Mozambique meltdown

Advice is easy to give and hard to follow. But, above all, don’t steal the cash

A gorilla in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable national park
©Richard Denyer

In search of gorillas in the Ugandan rainforest

A new programme allows visitors to spend hours alongside the animals in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Deaf to reason, Congo’s Kabila clings on

Whatever advances have occurred under the president, most people are unmoved

Ethiopia faces Tiananmen Square moment

Alarmed by a wave of protests, the regime has answered as the Chinese did in 1989 – with bullets

Crash and learn: should we change the way we teach economics?

A growing student rebellion is challenging the decades-old academic consensus

Ivory trade pushes elephants to the brink

A ban on anything from cocaine to rifles will push the price up

Africa’s uneven development

The hopes of resource-rich countries have faded along with commodity prices

South Africa’s rescue plan gathers dust

The country is among the most unequal on earth — worse than Haiti, worse than Brazil

‘We Are Not Such Things’, by Justine Van der Leun

A murder case is at the heart of a gripping account of reconciliation in South Africa

Africa reaches for the stars

Space exploration is vital despite down-to-earth problems

Danger and opportunity for Africa

The biggest problem is jobs. Robots may beat workers to the punch

African leadership’s empty-chair syndrome

A lack of exceptional leaders means a $5m prize for unsung heroes goes unawarded

Kenya: where lions roam free

A pioneering community-owned safari camp is working to protect both wild animals and the Maasai way of life


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